Yard Lighting Designs by Wydels Electrical - Water Treatment Works


Case Study : Yard Lighting - Water Treatment Works

We were approached by the end customer who are a Water Treatment Works to top up their pre existing yard lighting as they moved to a 24 hour working site and adding new storage bins of aggregates within the site. With heavy plant machinery moving around the site next to foot traffic it was important to get the correct light levels. We provided our lighting design to complement the lighting currently in place and to maximise lighting above the new areas where the aggregates would be stored for safety reasons. The project consisted of using 8 x 8 meter root mount columns with heavy duty twin floodlight brackets along with 300W LED Floodlights. This produced an average lux level of 180 lux from using a combination of columns and building mounted LED Floodlights. The result was a well lit yard with the end customer provided with an excellent lighting design and materials before work was complete to install the new storage facilities on site.


The Lighting Designs:


The Water Treatment Works Yard once installed and finished:


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