Solar Lighting Designs by Wydels Electrical - Towyn & Kinmel Bay Town Council


Case Study: Towyn & Kinmel Bay Town Council - Solar LED Lighting 

We were approached by the town council to come up with a product that helped light up existing paths and areas where antisocial behaviour was a problem. The issue was the pathways were in such a location where putting mains cables would impose a massive cost on the council along with having to dig into the park area causing an eyesore. The solution was to use one of our solar LED lanterns which was the SSL15. This lantern was perfect for the job as it uses a PIR function to maintain battery life within the fitting.  When night falls the the solar LED lantern sits at a 5% output and when it detects movement via the PIR it ramps up to 100% and then when it no longer detects any movement it switches back down to the holding level of 5%. This results in unwanted light when it is not required as well as preserving battery life in the luminaire when it is required. The result was a happy council who reported there was an immediate reduction in levels of anti social behaviour where the lights where installed and the council have since installed many more Solar LED Columns for various locations.


Solar LED Lanterns working in situ:



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