100W Flexible Solar Panel For Portable Power Station

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100W Flexible Solar Panel For Portable Power Station

V-TAC foldable solar panels are portable solar panels that are designed to be easily transportable and compact. They are made up of multiple solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity and are connected to each other through hinges, allowing the panel to be folded for easy storage and transportation with heigh efficency monocrystaline module.

  • Built to Last - Designed to withstand scratches and poor weather, the ultra-durable solar panels are ideal for the outdoors and come in handy during power outages.
  • Portable, Foldable, and Adjustable Designed with an adjustable kickstand, seamlessly install the panels and get the best angle while solar charging. When you’re done charging, just fold the panels and bring them everywhere you go.
  • Compatible with all Portable Power Stations
 Model VT-10100
 Gross Weight 4.76KG
 Watts 100
 Dimensions 980x586x2.7mm


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