58W Solar LED Street Light & Lighting Column Packages

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Column Type: Root Mount
Column Size: 3 Meters

SSL58 LED Solar Street Light Black 5,500 Lumens Day Light IP65



The new SSL58 redefines LED street lighting incorporating cutting edge performance, build quality and design in all in a solar luminaire. Offering efficiency of 95 lm/W, a rated life of 3 years and durable construction, the SSL58 enables you to minimise your whole life costs, providing the ability to just install and let the fitting do it's job. 

Operations are very simple, this luminaire detects movement and incident sunlight, when the twilight sensor detects dusk it will put the luminaire into operation. Two modes can be selected: Constant light mode, where the lighting is constantly at 50% of its maximum performance. Or Motion Sensor Mode, where the luminaire turns on at 100% of its performance when it detects movement. If after 20 seconds the luminaire does not detect any presence, it will reduce its brightness to 30%, thus saving energy at night. When the twilight sensor detects dawn, it will completely turn off the luminaire and charge the internal battery.

This Solar luminaire incorporates a large-capacity battery, as it would allow the user to operate the luminaire for 3 to 5 days at night for an average of 10-12 hours, assuming that adverse weather conditions do not allow the battery to be charged by incident sunlight for several days (the autonomy of the battery will vary according to weather conditions, battery charging and discharging cycles, humidity, working ambient temperatures, etc.).


Features & Benefits:

  • An innovative and sustainable way of lighting up your outdoors
  • Function up to 3 to 5 days with 10 to 12 hours light every night
  • Inbuilt sensors allows the fitting to light up upon detection of movement
  • ZERO Electricity Costs
  • Automatic On/Off Switching
  • Solar Powered
  • PIR Detective
  • Wire Free



  • Car Parks & Yards
  • Outdoor Residential Areas
  • Walkways & Passages
  • Suburban Areas


Column Information:

Root Mounted Column:

• Column Diameter: 76mm
• Root Length: 800mm 
• Root Diameter: 140mm 
• Cable Slot in Root: 150mm x 75mm 
• Door Aperture: 500mm x 100mm

 Flange Plate Column:

• Column Diameter: 76mm
• Door Aperture: 500mm x 100mm
• Flange Plate Hole Centres: 200mm x 200mm


Package Contents Information:

Root Mount Package:

Root Mount Column, 35W Solar LED Street Light, 200mm Outreach Arm Bracket, Column Door Key

Flange Plate Package:

Flange Plate Column, Column Bolts, 35W Solar LED Street Light, 200mm Outreach Arm Bracket, Column Door Key


35W Solar LED Street Light Specification:

Lumens    5,500lm
 Power Consumption    58W
 Lumens per Watt    95lm/W
 Hour Rating    30,000 Hours
 Warranty    3 Years
 Colour Temperature     4000K - Cool Light
 Voltage    9.8V Lithium Battery - 12000mAh
 Charging Time    6-7 hrs Sunlight Charging
 Working Time    3 to 5 days
 Detection Range    3-8 mtrs, 120°
 Instant on    Less than one second
 Product Finish    Black
 Weight    5Kg
 Material    ABS & PC
 Length    705mm
 Width    290mm
 Height    90mm
 IP Rating    IP65 Rated
 Lowest Operating Temperature    -20˚c
 Maximum Operating Temperature    45˚c