5.12kWh Indoor Wall Mounted Lithium Battery for Solar System - Up To 10 Year Warranty

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5.12kWh Indoor Wall Mounted Lithium Battery for Solar System

 Product Benefits:

Wall mounted series will be the next-generation back-up power device that incorporates lithium batteries in place of traditional lead-acid batteries. It performs the same function while offering various advantages.converts clean solar energy into domestic power, realizing flexible and free power consumption, greatly saving expenses, reducing carbon emissions, and allowing you to calmly deal with power outages.

Battery Warranty:

  • Up To 10-Year Warranty - 5 Year Standard Warranty. Can be extended to 10 years if whole system is V-TAC products.

Battery Specification:

 Storage Capacity 5.12kWh 48V
 Standard Capacity 100Ah/51.2V
 Continuous Input Current 100A
 Continuous Output Current 100A
 Standard Charging Voltage 42-56.8 (Vdc)
 Cut Off 42.0V
 Number of Cells 16
 Cycle Life >6000
 Depth Of Discharge >80%
Operating Temperature Range -20°C-60°C
 IP Rating IP20
 Net Weight 43kg
 Height 443mm
 Width 450mm
 Depth 150mm  
 LCD Display Yes
 Battery Type LiFePO4 
 Cooling Method Smart Cooling
 SKU Code: 11526
 Warranty 5 Years - Can be Extended



Technical Specification Sheet


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