5.12kWh Wall Mounted Lithium Battery for Solar System - Up To 10 Year Warranty

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5.12kWh Wall Mounted Lithium Battery for Solar System

 Product Benefits:

BMS PROTECTION BOARD Worry-free use with the intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) which monitors and protects the battery cells, also ensuring long-term performance
SMART MONITORING Remote monitoring via cloud-based app platform. Battery analysis & functions can be easily managed and customised as per the user’s requirements.
IMPRESSIVE LIFESPAN Excellent performance standards within its 6000-cycle lifespan. Comes with a ten-year warranty (5-year free warranty under standard conditions and another 5-year paid warranty).
NO OVERCURRENTS Larger capacity allows to easily meet the daily load safely and avoids overcurrent
WEATHERPROOF IP65 rated enclosure ensures protection from moisture and dust. Supports wall-mounted and floor-mounted installation either indoors and outdoors, saving time and costs.
QSLEEK & MODERN DESIGN Compact design available in a variety of colours


  • Self-Designed BMS International Design Certification
  • LifePO4 cells, ensuring the safety of the battery
  • Long cyclic life 5000 cycles (80% DOD)
  • High Rate Charge / Discharge Current @ 100A
  • LCD Display
  • Width: 607mm
  • Height: 720mm
  • Depth: 270mm

Battery Warranty:

  • Up To 10-Year Warranty - 5 Year Standard Warranty. Can be extended to 10 years if whole system is V-TAC products.

Battery Specification:

 Storage Capacity 5.12kWh 48V
 Standard Capacity 100Ah/51.2V
 Continuous Input Current 100A
 Continuous Output Current 100A
 Standard Charging Voltage 43.2-57.6 (Vdc)
 Cut Off 43.2(Vdc)
 Communication CAN/RS-485
 Cycle Life >6000
 Depth Of Discharge >80%
Operating Temperature Range -20°C-60°C
 IP Rating IP65
 Net Weight 54kg
 Height 666mm
 Width 410mm
 Depth 179.5mm  
 LCD Display Yes
 Battery Type LiFePO4 
 Design Life 15+ Years (25 °C/°F)
 DOD 80%
 Cooling Method Smart Cooling
 SKU Code: 11524
 Warranty 5 Years



Technical Specification Sheet


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