20W Solar LED Street Light & Lighting Column Packages

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Size: 3 Meters
Column Type: Root Mount

20W Solar LED Street Light & Lighting Column Package


Each Package Contains: 1 x 20W Solar LED Street Light, Lighting Column & Outreach Arm Bracket


It's couldn’t be simpler, harness the power of the sun, fit and then forget! This one stop shop package allows for a cutting edge and robust lighting system to be installed in mere minutes all whilst saving money though harnessing Solar power and no need to lay expensive power cables to the columns. Available in two different column types Root Mount and Flange Plate along with different columns sizes. The 20W Solar LED Lantern will work perfectly on 3m to 6m columns. 

Perfect for applications such as: Street Lighting, Car Parks, Yard, Farms, Outdoor Residential Areas, Walkway, Passages and Security Lighting.


15W Solar LED Street Light Information:

  • An innovative and sustainable way of lighting up your outdoors
  • Function up to 24 hours, with just 6-7 hours charging during the day
  • Inbuilt sensors allows the fitting to light up upon detection of movement
  • ZERO Electricity Costs
  • Automatic On/Off Switching
  • Solar Powered
  • PIR Detective
  • Wire Free


Column Information:

Root Mounted Column:

• Column Diameter: 76mm
• Root Length: 800mm 
• Root Diameter: 140mm 
• Cable Slot in Root: 150mm x 75mm 
• Door Aperture: 500mm x 100mm

 Flange Plate Column:

• Column Diameter: 76mm
• Door Aperture: 500mm x 100mm
• Flange Plate Hole Centres: 200mm x 200mm


Package Contents Information:

Root Mount Package:

Root Mount Column, 20W Solar LED Street Light, 200mm Outreach Arm Bracket

Flange Plate Package:

Flange Plate Column, 20W Solar LED Street Light, 200mm Outreach Arm Bracket


15W Solar LED Street Light Specification:

  Lumens    2,200lm
 Power Consumption    20W
 Lumens per Watt    110lm/W
 Hour Rating    30,000 Hours
 Warranty    3 Years
 Colour Temperature     6000K - Daylight
 Voltage    7.4V Lithium Battery - 5400mAh
 Charging Time    6-7 hrs Sunlight Charging
 Working Time    3-5 Days
 Detection Range    3-8 mtrs, 120°
 Instant on    Less than one second
 Product Finish    Black
 Weight    2.5Kg
 Material    ABS & PC
 Length    413mm
 Width    232mm
 Height    58mm
 IP Rating    IP65 Rated
 Lowest Operating Temperature    -20˚c
 Maximum Operating Temperature    45˚c